Welcome  to Murray Kuun Guitars.

I am a designer-luthier who’s designs often revolve around music. After having made violins in the 90’s, I switched to guitars where there is a little more scope for creative design individuality.  I also design and make the odd bass, harp-guitar, mandolin and ukulele.

Sound quality, playability and aesthetics (in this order) are my guitar design priorities.

All design + construction work is done in-house by myself and all my instrument designs are original.  I do offer clients customisation of my own designs but I do not make copies or near-copies of other instruments.

The guitars featured on this website are only the tip of the iceberg, many more are shown on my Pinterest page  https://za.pinterest.com/murraykuun/murray-kuun-guitar-design-%2B-lutherie/


Yours truly,

Murray Kuun …. murray@murraykuun.com