They Say

Bob Benedetto.

….you have an enviable feel for design apart from traditional parameters. As we both know, it’s easy to do something different….for the sake of being different. But your exceptional feel for design legitimately sets you apart from the pack. Bravo!!  I have no doubt the guitar sounds as good as it looks.

Tessa Ziegler

The Concerto guitar, one of Murray Kuun’s latest models is a wonderfully balanced and responsive guitar with a very good and projecting timbre. The fingerboard is comfortable and quite simply, a joy to play.

Although the guitar plays and sounds like a traditional instrument ,its innovative artistic features make it very attractive as well.

I really enjoyed playing it.


“Stardust” review by Cliff Cultreri @ Destroy All Guitars

The Stardust has arrived today and it is quite a magnificent testament to the forward thinking and abilities of the visionary Murray Kuun who’s name should be grouped in with those of the finest progressive luthiers who have graced our planet to date.

The guitar is beautiful in every way possible and I’m quite a lucky man to have it here beside me. If I could, I’d surely never let go. It is not to be mistaken for an acoustic instrument as it is purely a semi-hollow electric whose voice is graced with a blend of stunning harmonic overtones traditionally associated with the great archtops and flattops we’ve all been exposed to.

This is so much more than just a guitar but it is the introduction to the work of a brilliant mind who deserves our attention and support. Keep your eyes and ears on this man and don’t let his works pass you by.


Lots more to follow ….